Early Morning at Point Peron

Found this sitting in my draft folder. I know that its in Point Peron as I recognise the silhouettes, but not when it was taken or why we were there. We go here a lot though, so it may have just been a walk and the sky was a lovely colour.

Holiday – 2013

A photo recovered from an old SD card that I had kept after it became corrupted; that Sam managed to perform a recovery on. I’m fairly certain this was from a random weekend away to Albany; though I am happy to be corrected if its not.

I don’t have much more to say about it since I don’t remember the holiday well enough to even know where we went. Though it was taken with my old DSLR, given the date it was taken. Which is just a interesting factoid for you.

Nestled in the Dunes

The photos that I’ve uploaded recently were part of a backlog of images that had been sitting stagnant on my hard drive; waiting for the day when I could bring myself to look at them. They were taken shortly after I finished studying last year after a break of about six months. It also coincided…

Grains of Sand

March was probably my most active month in 2015 for photography, and even this I didn’t get out my usual camera. I was having a rough day and my husband had suggested that I was missing the beach. Summer had drawn to a close slowly, but we’d already stopped going about a month before anyway. I’m a lover of the beach and the surf, and most times I don’t need an excuse to go. So when he suggested it we bundled into the car and set off on an early morning jaunt.

I say jaunt, the beach is about five-ten minutes from our house, depending on which beach you want to go to. It was nice to get there so early however, and we had the beach to ourselves which made for a pleasant change. We sat, and talked, mostly. Til I unearthed this small shell while playing in the sand. I felt compelled to take a photo of it and it remains one of my favourite images from 2015.