Nestled in the Dunes

Nestled in the Dunes

The photos that I’ve uploaded recently were part of a backlog of images that had been sitting stagnant on my hard drive; waiting for the day when I could bring myself to look at them. They were taken shortly after I finished studying last year after a break of about six months. It also coincided with a steep decline in my ability to cope with anxiety issues I suffer, and unfortunately I was unhappy with what I’d taken.

I addressed that backlog over the last few months, finding the odd hidden gem among the rougher, less appealing images. My self confidence was still shattered however, and it was easier to avoid picking up my camera than admit that I’d grown stale and my photos had suffered as a result.

Today, I got out there regardless about how I felt in an attempt to address both my health (fresh air and walking) and creativity. A lot of what I took was pretty terrible, I’m not going to lie. It was hard to look at things and seek out the beauty surrounding me. I also chose the brightest time of day to go out, since I wanted the sunlight on my skin after such a cold, dark winter. Hard to believe Spring begins tomorrow!

Anyway, this is one of four posts I’ll be making, sharing some of the images that I took today. I’m hoping to get out a lot more frequently and start pushing myself to improve again.