Volunteers in Action; National Volunteer Week

I was recently invited by the Fremantle Volunteer Service to help them out taking photos of local volunteers out in the wild; doing their thing and supporting the local community. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work in my time, so I jumped at the opportunity to help showcase work that is often unsung. It was at times confronting, at others entertaining and interesting. I got to see the firing of the cannon at The Roundhouse, and met some lucky furry and feathered friends who’ve been given the chance at a new lease on life.

Frankie – the photos

A new addition to the Platt family; Frankie (short for Frankenstein, as his birthday is Halloween) is a Border Collie and the beautiful puppy of my brother-in-law and his wife. These are the photos I took at the same time as shooting the videos that made up the previous post. You can see the higher…

A family photo shoot

The last time I done a set of photos for my sister and her family, their little girl Kaitlyn wasn’t even born. I felt now would be a good time to provide the family with a new group photo to share with their loved ones.


This isn’t one of the photos from Bunker Bay, but it is another of the photos I found on my card. I’d taken this for my brother-in-law and his wife as a present. Taken in the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth, it was a quick shot that I like quite a bit. Its a shame about the tree trunk in the top corner drawing your eye away but I was hot and grumpy when I took the photo (Summer in WA isn’t my favourite season).

Kaitlyn May

I have three nephews, and two nieces. This beautiful child is the youngest of the five. I took this photo for my sister, whose hand she is holding, when she was roughly a month old. She’s such a sweet-natured baby.

A New Sister

This one is a little older, from late 2014. I did take a few more photos that year than 2015 but I was as remiss with posting then as I was last year. It is a habit I really need to try and improve.

This photo was taken at my brother’s (in-law) wedding to his beautiful bride. It was a special day for everyone, and I felt blessed to be able to take a few photos for them to remember the day. This was a candid shot, that I took when they were waiting for their official photographer to ready her camera for a more professional photograph. Personally I adore this one, and I’m probably quite biased in my preference for this photo over any of the others that were taken that day. It says a lot about the couple themselves, who I love and adore.

Whiteman Park

Taken in July 2015, at Whiteman Park in Perth. We visited with family, who came from several hours away between them for the weekend. It was a lovely day, and while the nephews were unsure about the train ride my nieces loved every minute of it!