I don’t actually know what wildflowers these are, and I wish I did. I’ve always enjoyed being able to say to people who ask, what the name of a wildflower is when we come across it. This was one of the times that I found myself unable to answer. It is quite lovely though.

This was another photograph taken on the photowalk in Serpentine. There wasn’t really much in the way of views to be had, really. The walk was through some pretty dense scrubland so there wasn’t all that much to take photos of other than the many flowers that were blossoming at the time. Not that I’m complaining about flowers!


Another 2014 photo, from a photowalk in the Serpentine National Park back in September 2014. It was a stinker of a day and while I took a lot of water with me, I was dehydrated well before reaching the summit. I wasn’t walking alone however and my companion wanted to keep going because the view from the top was worth it. It was a long hard slog that took most of the day, considering how lethargic I was from the heat and lack of hydration. And the ants didn’t help.

I managed to get a few nice photos on the day, this being one of them. I love orchids, and there are so many varieties in the South West that any walk in wildflower season is well worth the effort.