I went out for a ramble with my camera today; and was rewarded with two ticks trying to hitch a ride back to my place. I hope it was only two. I have double checked. You can’t always be sure you found all of the little blighters though. I found a dirt path along the limestone cliffs that wound its way through the undergrowth. It was hard to resist.

On the points of needles

A rainy day spent driving through the hills surrounding Perth, in Western Australia. We put the seats down in the back of the car, threw in our camp mattress and spent the afternoon listening to the rain, reading and having an indoor picnic. During a brief break in the showery weather, I ducked out with my camera and wandered around for a bit.

The air was cool, and crisp. The only sound the gentle tapping of raindrops as they fell through leaves and branches to the wet earth below.