I went out for a ramble with my camera today; and was rewarded with two ticks trying to hitch a ride back to my place. I hope it was only two. I have double checked. You can’t always be sure you found all of the little blighters though. I found a dirt path along the limestone cliffs that wound its way through the undergrowth. It was hard to resist.


This was another instance where I had a rough day, and my husband recommended we go out to the beach. It was just on sunset when we arrived, and the lighting couldn’t have been better. I think he became a little bored with my fascination for all the delightful little pockets in the heath where the light was illuminating a magical little world that would normally go unnoticed by people walking by.

This was taken at Point Peron, in Rockingham WA. The point is laced with a series of limestone walkways that go up and down the sand dunes, and around the shelters that were built during WWII. Its one of the nicest places to go for a ramble around here, though it is quite up-and-downy.