Found this sitting in my draft folder. I know that its in Point Peron as I recognise the silhouettes, but not when it was taken or why we were there. We go here a lot though, so it may have just been a walk and the sky was a lovely colour.

Early Evening Mist

Another recovered photo from the corrupted SD card. I remember stopping by the side of the road just before sunset because I was surprised that the mist had already begun to settle.

Softly Rests the Sunset

Trying out a new angle at Point Peron, an earlier carpark and a beach rarely visited. Well, apart from the group of youngsters having a bit of a puff up amongst the shrubberies. They seemed a bit miffed about the intrusion.

It wasn’t too bad, actually. Windy and the smell of rotting seaweed was strong on the air, but I’ve never really minded that.


This was another instance where I had a rough day, and my husband recommended we go out to the beach. It was just on sunset when we arrived, and the lighting couldn’t have been better. I think he became a little bored with my fascination for all the delightful little pockets in the heath where the light was illuminating a magical little world that would normally go unnoticed by people walking by.

This was taken at Point Peron, in Rockingham WA. The point is laced with a series of limestone walkways that go up and down the sand dunes, and around the shelters that were built during WWII. Its one of the nicest places to go for a ramble around here, though it is quite up-and-downy.

We were born with sun in our teeth and in our hair

There is a place, near where I live, which has sunsets that are as beautiful as they are frequent. Those that burn through the sky in summer are always the loveliest, the most striking and breath-taking. So much so that people will come here from far away just to see the sunset.