Midday Sunshine

When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by housework. Considering I was barely home over the weekend, a surprising amount of work was generated. But the day was bright, warm and clear. The seaside beckoned. And so I had my green tea and rice for breakfast and headed out.

I hadn’t really thought about taking my camera but it was already packed in my backpack. It felt good wandering around on the coast, tramping through the sand. Pausing to contemplate the view, the wildflowers and the salty air. This is one of the photos I took, with others to come over the next few days.

It felt good to get home and I applied myself to the housework and task of job hunting with renewed vigour. After the mental exhaustion of the weekend I feel much more positive.

Early Evening Mist

Another recovered photo from the corrupted SD card. I remember stopping by the side of the road just before sunset because I was surprised that the mist had already begun to settle.

Reclining Buddha

This is my final week studying for my diploma. The last six months have been stressful, and my every waking hour has been devoted to study. Or so it feels. As I write this, I have handed in every assessment and finished all of my exams. I’m waiting for two final group projects to be marked to see if I’ve passed.

I haven’t had time for much. My photography least of all. This was taken some time ago, but it reflects quite well how I’m feeling so I thought I’d share it. He’s nothing out of the ordinary, but he looks pretty relaxed doesn’t he?

I’m trying to look at things the way he is, I can’t change anything now with the group projects and its out of my hands. Why waste my time and energy worrying over it when I won’t know for the next few days what the results will be?

A Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

This week’s challenge response is perhaps a little less creative than it could be. I had many ideas for this one, but I’ve spent most of my time at the beach! This morning I decided to take along my underwater camera, and shot a whole bunch of hilarious, and embarrassing, photos of myself underwater.

The ocean has always been a place where I can retreat from the world, and float silently on the clear, blue water or dive down into the turquoise depths to explore the many reefs in my area. Today I went further south than I would normally to avoid the raucous crowds of people seeking to escape the heat. Apart from a young boy who kayaked down the coast, I had the stretch of beach all to myself.

Floating weightless in the water. This is, when I think about it, probably the best response to The Daily Post’s challenge, even if on a technical and compositional level this isn’t a strong photo.