I went out for a ramble with my camera today; and was rewarded with two ticks trying to hitch a ride back to my place. I hope it was only two. I have double checked. You can’t always be sure you found all of the little blighters though. I found a dirt path along the limestone cliffs that wound its way through the undergrowth. It was hard to resist.

It was a rewarding walk, and while I took some photos I was more caught up in enjoying the environment. I found a talkative little companion. A Willie Wagtail who began following me about halfway, chittering and scolding at the sound of my camera shutter. I also seen a group of seals cavorting in the waves which I wasn’t able to get a decent shot of. I’ve had a cursory look through them, though I’m not sure about which one’s I want to share yet.

While I was keeping Miss Evvie company, the cloud cover became greater and the sun shone golden through its thin veil. Shortly after a soft fall of rain begun. I love the smell of wet earth, so grabbed my camera again and waited for the rain to ease. With the light fading so fast I wasn’t able to explore the raindrops caught on leaves, or flowers. So I took this photo from our front porch.

I wanted to share something at least. So here you go… the warm lighting lifts my spirit just thinking about it.


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