Frankie – A foray into video

In an effort to re-engage with photography in general I recently decided to study cinematography. Something I have had an interest in for awhile, however I’ve found the subject to be overwhelming. With no real idea in mind about how to shoot video, what to consider and how to do it well, I shot the video below. When I was reviewing the footage I don’t feel as though I quite achieved what I was hoping for. I am looking forward to learning more about shooting video though, and thought I would share what I took anyway.

The biggest surprise, though I’m embarrassed by the mistake, was the fact that taking photos while shooting video caused the video to pause. I had thought that, since it was possible to do, it wouldn’t impact on the video at all. I’m not sure what purpose it serves having the capacity in the camera in that case.

Thanks to Frankie and Janice for letting me take photos and videos of you both. The photos will be coming soon. Enjoy!