Sleepy Spring Afternoon

Sleepy Spring Afternoon

Sooo… my camera stopped working. I’d gotten up at 4am intending to take photos of the sunrise over the bay. The night before, since I hadn’t been out in so long, I double checked everything was working and in good order; the battery fully charged and my camera bag/tripod waiting by the front door so I could get up and out.

It turned out to be a brisk early Spring morning, water lapping gently against the old wooden jetty, as I fumbled with my gear. Where’s the tripod plate? I always keep it attached to the camera! What kind of photo am I looking for, anyway? Maybe spur of the moment wasn’t such a great idea.

Turn the camera on, and take a few test photos. Within minutes the SD card said it had become corrupted. No matter, I’ll try one of the others. I went through six, all corrupting within minutes. I gave up, and dejectedly drove home. I reformatted those that had become corrupt, and the next day tested the camera again. This time with different SD cards. Still the same. Even though I’ve barely used it in months I was devastated.

Today I reinstalled the firmware. And a few test shots later, camera checked again and again in case of a repeat offense. Working great! Which is good. This weekend I’m doing a couple of product shoots for a knitwear business. Bit hard without a working camera!