Sunrise over Bunker Bay

Sunrise over Bunker Bay

Finding forgotten SD cards is like a trip down memory lane. I should be more careful with them, though its always nice to see photos again that you’d decided weren’t good enough at the time. Whilst I’m still not happy with this, and the other two I’ll be uploading over the next week, I felt they were worth sharing since they were the last things I shot with my camera before the great drought of early 2016.

From December last year, when I drove myself (and some of my family) down to Bunker Bay in the state’s south west late in the evening. We arrived at about 3am. While the others settled down for a few hours shut eye I found I was unable to rest or relax (I ended up being awake if I recall correctly for over 48 hours in the end). Restless and sweltering in the heat, I decided it would be better to stop trying.

Taking my camera I wandered down to the foreshore and sat among the rocks, waiting for the sun to rise. It was so peaceful. I’ve never experienced time at a beach in the south where there’s no one else around. Certainly not near Dunsborough. It was refreshing, exhilarating and may have explained why I felt, after a five hour drive the night before, I felt capable of a 4 hour drive when the boys had finished diving. In retrospect, that was a little foolish.

And might explain why I still feel something about these photos that makes me feel… unease, despite how much pleasure it gave me to walk among the rocks and the waves alone. Anyway, enough rambling.