A New Sister

A new sister

This one is a little older, from late 2014. I did take a few more photos that year than 2015 but I was as remiss with posting then as I was last year. It is a habit I really need to try and improve.

This photo was taken at my brother’s (in-law) wedding to his beautiful bride. It was a special day for everyone, and I felt blessed to be able to take a few photos for them to remember the day. This was a candid shot, that I took when they were waiting for their official photographer to ready her camera for a more professional photograph. Personally I adore this one, and I’m probably quite biased in my preference for this photo over any of the others that were taken that day. It says a lot about the couple themselves, who I love and adore.


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  1. margademmers says:

    These ‘waiting’ photos often are the best. I love this one!


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